Uganda qualify for T20 Cricket World Cup 2024


Ugandans are rejoicing after their national cricket team qualified for the T20 World Cup 2024 set to be held in the US and West Indies.

The Uganda Cricket Cranes secured their inaugural T20 World Cup spot by defeating Rwanda by nine wickets with 71 balls to spare in their final qualifying match in Namibia.

Namibia claimed the top spot in the qualifiers, with Uganda securing the second position. Both teams will join the test-playing nation South Africa in the upcoming tournament.

Dr. Bernard Ogwel, Secretary of the National Council of Sports (NCS), expressed his joy, stating, “This is a very special time to see our team qualify for the World Cup. We thank the players and the coaches for the work well done to ensure the team qualified for the T20 World Cup.”

Former Uganda Cricket Cranes captain David Karashani conveyed his appreciation for the team’s achievement, stating, “Having flirted with greatness for decades, the Cricket Cranes have crossed the rubicon of sporting eternity and etched their names in the book of national legends upon reaching the sporting summit of the T20 World Cup.”

The First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, wife of the Ugandan President and Minister of Education and Sports, joined in congratulating the team.

She said, “I take this opportunity to warmly congratulate Cricket Cranes in celebration of this incredible milestone. We thank God for gifting you and Uganda such a massive stage at the T20 World Cup for you to showcase your talents and achieve even more.”

Sarah Nalubega, a cricket supporter, described the qualification as a massive accomplishment. She emphasized the hard work of the players under a local coach and suggested that the government should reward them for their outstanding performance.

David Murungi, a rugby enthusiast, highlighted the significance of this achievement for Uganda, emphasizing that it will provide a solid foundation for cricket in the country.

He expressed gratitude to the Cricket Cranes for elevating the Ugandan flag on the international stage.

The 20-team line-up for the World Cup includes hosts West Indies and the USA, along with Australia, England, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Uganda, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Nepal and Oman.

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