ICC T20 Women’s World Cup qualifiers: Uganda through to semis


Uganda’s women’s cricket team achieved a significant milestone by advancing to the semifinals of the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 Women’s World Cup African qualifiers.

Their triumph came on Tuesday, following a decisive victory over Namibia at the Entebbe Cricket Oval. This crucial win, by 4 wickets, was a testament to their strategic gameplay and team cohesion.

The Namibian team, batting first, set a target of 92 runs, which the Ugandan team successfully chased with a score of 93/6. Key players in this match were Uganda’s Anyait Lorna and captain Consulate Aweko, who each claimed three wickets. Their teammates Janet Mbabazi, Evelyn Anyipo, and Rita Musamali also contributed significantly by taking a wicket each, thereby restricting Namibia’s scoring potential.

This victory was part of Uganda’s impressive campaign, having begun with a win against Rwanda. Looking ahead, the team is set to compete against Nigeria with the aim of leading Group B.

Captain Aweko expressed pride in their performance against the higher-ranked Namibian team, highlighting the unity and determination that led to their success.

In parallel, Nigeria also secured a win against Rwanda. The tournament continues with upcoming matches featuring Kenya against Botswana and Zimbabwe facing Tanzania.

The two top teams from these qualifiers will move on to the global qualifiers scheduled in Dubai next year. This is a crucial step towards the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup 2024, which will be hosted by Bangladesh.

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