Kenya’s Chris Kach beats Arsenal’s Zinchenko to win FIFPRO Player Activism Award 2023


Kenya Police Bullets forward Chris Kach is the FIFPRO Player Activism Award winner for the year ending 2023.

Kach was presented with the award at the KEFWA head offices in Nairobi, Kenya, as the team celebrated his achievement.

The 2023 FIFPRO Merit Awards was created to reward and celebrate the remarkable work of players off the pitch.

This is done alongside the Union Impact Award which was also bestowed to the player association that launched the best initiative to improve the wellbeing of professional footballers in their country.

During the General Assembly in South Africa, Kach emerged as the winner, surpassing notable figures like Oleksandr Zinchenko of Arsenal FC and Cedric Bakambu of Galatasaray FC, who secured the second and third positions, respectively.

Expressing his gratitude, Kach remarked: “It is a tremendous honoir to receive this esteemed award, especially since I was nominated by KEFWA. I want to thank FIFPRO for acknowledging my commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of intersex players.”

The accomplished striker now aims to leverage the award and recognition to further his advocacy work, serving as a voice for players and other individuals within the intersex community, many of whom have faced stigmatization and marginalization.

“I am committed to continuing the activism for intersex players and being a voice that recognizes their rights and contributions. This award is not just for me; it’s for those who have been compelled to hide due to societal stigmatization. I hope this recognition serves as motivation for them to speak out,” Kach added.

In addition to the trophy, the FIFPRO Player Activism Award also came with a coveted prize of $10,000, providing further support for Kach’s ongoing efforts in championing the cause.

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