Uganda beat Kenya to retain FIM Africa CAC Motocross Challenge Cup


Ugandan riders successfully fended off tough competition from their Kenyan counterparts to secure victory in the FIM Central Africa (CAC) Motocross Challenge Cup held at the Jamhuri Park racetrack in Nairobi on 9 and 10 December.

The Ugandans had initially taken the lead during the first round at the Busiika racetrack over Easter and continued their impressive performance, finishing with a commanding lead of 1,643 points over Kenya’s 408 points from the first round.

With a total tally of 2,823 points, Uganda retained the coveted title, while Kenya secured second place with a cumulative total of 1,478 points, adding 1,070 points in the season-closer on Sunday.

In the MX category, Apollo Mbuki of Kenya managed to overcome challenges from Uganda’s Fortune Ssentamu to clinch the MX title, with Kenyan Rohan Ghandhi securing third place.

In the MX2 Class, Kenya’s Alex Kandie stood out by winning in a thrilling wheel-to-wheel showdown against Ngugi Waweru, who had returned to racing after a sabbatical and displayed no signs of rust.

Ngugi expressed excitement about the race and his potential participation in selected races in the upcoming season.

Clerk of the course Ken Luusa praised the riders from both countries for their performances during the adrenaline-packed weekend race.

He described the displays of riding as exhilarating and a fitting conclusion to the season, with high expectations for the 2024 season where some riders are expected to graduate to the next level.

The race also served as the ninth and final round of the Kenya National Motocross Championship, where Armani Amani secured the MX 50 title by beating Uhrie Yongo. Amani’s 57 points also earned him the CAC overall points, ahead of Yongo with 47 points, while Uganda’s Jude Kyle Musede claimed the podium dash with 46 points.

In the MX60 category, Kenya’s Kigen Mutuma finished third behind Ugandans Jonathan Katende and Ramathan Mubiru. Mutuma had already clinched the national motocross title in the penultimate round 8 event. Apollo Mbuki’s outstanding performance also saw him secure the MX1 National title.

A total of 102 competitors participated in the FIM Africa regional challenge, with Tanzania fielding one rider in the MX2 Class, while the majority of riders came from perennial rivals Kenya and Uganda. The classes contested included MX50cc, MX65cc, MX LITES, MX 125, MX2, MX1, VMX, Masters and WMX. 


MX 50

1.Armani Amani (KEN) 57

2. Uhrie Yongo (KEN) 47

3. Jude Kyle Musede (UG) 46

MX 65

1.Jonathan Katende (UG) 57

2. Ramathan Mubiru (UG) 47

3. Kigen Mutuma (KEN)43

4. Dylan Hatanga (KEN) 42 

MX85 Class

1. Gift Malcom Tabula (UG) 60

2. Lewis Ogonyi (KEN) 44

3. Atete Benzinge (KEN) 41

MX125 Class

1.Akaki Apollo Milton Obote (UG) 57

2. Neo Wahome (KEN) 50

3. Waleed Ali Omar (UG) 47

MX1 (Open) Class

1.Apollo Mbuki (KEN) 57

2. Fortune Ssentamu (UG) 52

3. Rohan Gandhi (KEN) 47

MX2 Class

1. Alex Kandie (KEN) 57

2. Ngugi Waweru (KEN) 54

3.  Peter Kamau Magwa (KEN) 45

4. Jordan Mukiibi (UG) 39

5. Liam Miller (TZ) DNF


1.Mikhail Berman (KEN) 60

2. Ilia Dolgachev (KEN) 51

3.  Geoffrey Kayiira (UG) 45

Total Country Scores-Round 2

Uganda 1,180points

Kenya 1,070

Tanzania 39

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