Burkina Faso reveal 27-man Africa Cup of Nations squad


In the heart of Burkina Faso, a nation pulsating with the rhythm of anticipation, coach Hubert Velud meticulously selected the 27 warriors destined to carry the hopes and dreams of a football-loving nation to the grand stage of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast.

The guardians of the goal, led by the experienced Hervé Koffi, stand tall as the last line of defense. Alongside him, Hilel Konaté, Kilian Nikiema, and Sébastien Tou form a formidable quartet, their gloves ready to parry the challenges that Group D presents, where Burkina Faso finds themselves in the company of football powerhouses Algeria, Angola, and Mauritania.

A formidable defensive wall, anchored by the towering presence of Edmond Tapsoba and the seasoned Steeve Yago, aims to thwart the advances of the opposition. Issa Kaboré, Issoufou Dayo, Nasser Djiga, Adamo Nagalo, Abdoul Razack Guiebre, and Valentin Nouma complete this defensive bastion, their unity a testament to the collective strength of the Stallions.

In the midfield, maestros such as Blati Touré, Adama Guira, Dramane Salou, Ismahila Ouedraogo, Sacha Bansé, Gustavo Sangaré, and Stéphane Aziz Ky orchestrate the symphony of Burkina Faso’s play. Their nimble footwork and strategic prowess promise to control the midfield battleground.

At the forefront, the striking force, led by the prolific Bertrand Traoré, showcases an array of talent that includes Dango Ouattara, Mamady Alex Bangre, Cheikh Djibril Ouattara, Hassane Bandé, Mohamed Konaté, Fessal Tapsoba, and Cédric Badolo. Together, they embody the hopes of a nation, their goals echoing the aspirations of a people united by the beautiful game.

As the Stallions embark on their journey, the nation watches with bated breath, knowing that each player carries not just the weight of a jersey but the pride of a nation on their shoulders. The stage is set, and Burkina Faso stands ready to etch another glorious chapter in its footballing legacy.

All squads are provisional until the final list of 27 players is announced by CAF, following their submission by participating teams, on 3 Janaury 2024.

Burkina Faso’s Match Schedule in Group D:

January 16, 2024: Burkina Faso vs. Mauritania, 2:00 PM GMT, Bouaké Stadium
January 20, 2024: Algeria vs. Burkina Faso, 2:00 PM GMT, Bouaké Stadium

January 23, 2024: Angola vs. Burkina Faso, 8:00 PM GMT, Charles Konan Banny Stadium, Yamoussoukro

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