AFCON 2023: Group B’s teams reflect national pride in nicknames


As anticipation mounts for the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations, Côte d’Ivoire 2023, the focus turns to the distinctive nicknames of the teams in Group B, each carrying a rich cultural and historical significance that adds depth to the tournament.

Egypt The Pharaohs In Group B, Egypt proudly dons the moniker of “The Pharaohs,” drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian history. The Pharaohs, considered mediators between gods and Egyptians, were revered leaders, including iconic figures like Narmer, Hatshepsut, and Cleopatra. The name symbolizes royalty and excellence, echoing the rich history of Egypt. With a record seven CAF AFCON trophies, The Pharaohs aim to continue their legacy of greatness on the football field.

GhanaThe Black Stars Ghana’s national football team is aptly named “The Black Stars” in homage to Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Line, a symbol of the Back-to-Africa Movement. Representing freedom, African pride, and the Pan African Movement, The Black Stars have carried this name since the early 1960s, a significant period following Ghana’s independence in 1957. The team embodies the spirit of unity and self-sufficiency as they seek success in the upcoming AFCON.

Cape VerdeBlue Sharks Cape Verde, often underestimated on their CAF AFCON debut in 2013, embraced the nickname “Blue Sharks” to signify their prowess and ability to surprise. Led by coach Lucio Antunes, the team made a splash with a memorable outing in South Africa, holding hosts South Africa to a goalless draw and stunning Angola with a 2-1 victory. The Blue Sharks are determined to replicate that success, showcasing speed, counter-attacks, and teamwork that rivals the agility of their marine counterparts.

MozambiqueMambas Nicknamed “Os Mambas,” the Mozambique national team draws its inspiration from the highly venomous and swift-moving snakes. The Mambas aim to instill fear in their opponents, conveying the message that they are in dangerous territory. The team’s character, tested over the years, was highlighted in the qualifiers with a dramatic 95th-minute goal securing their spot in the Côte d’Ivoire showpiece. The Os Mambas aspire to use the speed of the snakes they are named after to break the knockout stage jinx that has shadowed them in past appearances.

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