Kenya: Swamibapa A ready to defend title as NPCA T20 cricket league kicks off


As the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA) Twenty20 Super Division League gets underway on Sunday, 28 January, defending champions Swamibapa A are gearing up for a spirited defense of their title after a rollercoaster 50-Overs season that saw them finish fourth.

Despite the challenges faced in the longer format, Swamibapa A, under the leadership of skipper Rushabh Patel, are confident of making a strong impact in the shorter version of the game. Patel dismisses the notion that the Swamis might be underestimated, asserting that their experiences from the previous season’s peaks and valleys have only strengthened their resolve.

Patel states, “There is always pressure going into a competition as defending champions, but after our peaks and valleys last year, some teams may underestimate us. However, that would only give us a better edge if they come lightly.”

The defending champions will kick off their T20 campaign against Shree Cutch Leva Patel Samaj (SCLPS YL A) in a match scheduled for Sunday at 2 pm at the Nairobi Jaffrey’s. The anticipation is high as Swamibapa A aims to set the tone for their title defense.

The T20 league action on Sunday will commence with a match between Stray Lions A and Sikh Union A at the same venue, adding to the excitement for cricket enthusiasts. Ruaraka A, the reigning 50-Over League champions, will start their T20 campaign against Obuya A, while Kanbis A hosts Nairobi Gymkhana A at Eastleigh High.

Reflecting on Swamibapa A’s previous T20 success, they secured a convincing 45-run victory against Sikh Union A in the T20 League final under floodlights at Cutchi Leva in March 2023.

In another camp, Stray Lions, known for their consistent performance in NPCA competitions, are optimistic about their prospects in the T20 League. Making several changes to the team that will face Sikh Union, Stray Lions will field last year’s 50 Overs top scorer Shubham Jadhav, who amassed an impressive 966 runs.

Thota Sreenivas, Vice Chairman NPCA and Chairman of Stray Lions, expressed their satisfaction with key players returning, saying, “We are glad that Aman Gandhi is back from the UK and available for the entire T20 series. Tanzeel Sheikh is also back from injury.”

In the Obuya A camp, former Gymkhana Captain Kavi Dosaja is eager to contribute to the team’s success. Dosaja expresses his excitement, stating, “After a long break from cricket, I am overly excited to be back playing and hopefully contribute significantly towards the success of the Obuya side.”

As the T20 League unfolds, fans can expect intense battles, strategic changes, and standout performances from top players. The NPCA T20 League 2024 promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with defending champions Swamibapa A leading the charge in their quest for T20 glory.

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