Survival Sunday: Teams refuse to go home empty-handed in FIBA Qualifiers


In the heart of the 2025 FIBA AfroBasket Qualifiers, the stakes were high and tensions higher as five teams found themselves in a precarious 0-2 position, determined to rewrite their fate on the last day of Window 1.

Group B and E became the battlegrounds for Guinea, Kenya, and Nigeria, all desperately seeking their first win. The prospect of returning home 0-3 was simply unacceptable for these teams. Nigeria faced the challenge of confronting the formidable Cape Verde, while Guinea, having pushed Tunisia to the limit in a thrilling overtime clash, aimed to outshine Kenya.

Nigeria’s head coach, Mohamed Abdulrahman, emphasized the weight of expectations from their homeland, motivating his team to avoid the dreaded 0-3 record. Guinea’s shooting guard, Cedric Mansare, echoed the sentiment, expressing their relentless determination to secure a victory.

Kenya’s head coach, Cliff Owuor, identified ball control as the key to their success, emphasizing their potential competitiveness if they addressed this crucial aspect of the game.

Meanwhile in Group D, Egypt prepared for a showdown against AfroBasket silver medallists, Cote d’Ivoire, while the reigning champions, Tunisia, faced off against Angola in Group E. These clashes promised to be intense battles between the continent’s top teams.

The narrative of the day was not just about must-win situations but a collective refusal by these teams to go home empty-handed. The pride, expectations, and sheer will to compete resonated in every player and coach, turning the last day of Window 1 into a spectacle of determination.

As the curtains closed on the opening phase, the story of the 2025 AfroBasket Qualifiers unfolded with teams defying adversity, unwilling to let a 0-2 start define their journey. The AfroBasket fever gripped fans, and with the promise of more action on FIBA’s broadcasting partners and social media platforms, the basketball drama continued to captivate audiences across the continent.

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