Libyan basketball: A story of determination, unity, and national pride


Libyan basketball is experiencing a resurgence, capturing the attention and admiration of a nation as a group of talented and dedicated young players make their mark on the African basketball scene.

Concluding their first round of the 2025 FIBA AfroBasket Qualifiers with an impressive 2-1 record, Libya showcased their potential with victories over Nigeria and Uganda, despite a challenging loss to Cape Verde in Group B.

Led by players such as Jalal Saeid, Naseim Badrush, Sofian Hamad, Mohamed Sadi, Ghayth Almaghribi, and Mohamed Buzgaiya, the Libyan team’s performance has not only caught the eye of fans but also sparked a newfound enthusiasm for basketball back home.

Team captain Mohamed Sadi expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from their fans and families, emphasizing their determination to continue fighting on the court.

Coach Fouad Chakra praised his players’ dedication and described them as warriors with a deep sense of pride for their country.

The team’s recent success, including a victory over Morocco in a two-game Pre-Qualifiers series, has generated excitement among Libyan supporters, with the team emerging as the second most supported at the Monastir Salled Mohamed Mzali arena, after host Tunisia.

Despite their lack of recent participation in FIBA Africa competitions, Libya is making strides to reclaim their position on the African basketball map.

With aspirations to qualify for the 2025 AfroBasket, the team’s remarkable journey has reignited interest in basketball across Libya, surpassing the dominance of football in the country’s sports landscape.

For captain Mohamed Sadi, the upcoming AfroBasket holds special significance as he prepares to face off against players he once idolized, such as Angola’s Carlos Morais.

With the guidance of Coach Fouad, Sadi and his teammates are determined to make their mark on the continental stage, earning respect from opponents like Uganda head coach Mandy Juruni, who acknowledged Libya’s tenacity and skill on the court.

As the AfroBasket Qualifiers resume later this year, Libya’s basketball resurgence continues to inspire hope and pride, serving as a testament to the power of sport to unite and uplift nations.

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