Futsal AFCON: Zambia eyeing World Cup qualification


Zambia’s Futsal team is gearing up for an intense battle at the TotalEnergies CAF Futsal AFCON in Morocco next month, with head coach Andrea Cristoforetti eyeing World Cup qualification as the ultimate goal.

With Morocco set to host the tournament, Zambia finds itself drawn into a challenging Group A alongside formidable opponents like the hosts themselves, Angola, and Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with CAFOnline, Coach Cristoforetti acknowledged the tough draw, recognizing Morocco as one of the world’s best Futsal teams. He emphasized the honor and learning opportunity his team will have by facing such a formidable opponent.

Additionally, he highlighted the uncertainties surrounding Ghana’s recent international activity while identifying Angola as a historical rival, adding an extra layer of intensity to their matches.

Despite the tough competition, Cristoforetti remains steadfast in his objectives for the tournament. With Zambia making a return after missing the last edition, the coach sets his sights on reaching at least the semi-finals, considering it as the minimum target for his team.

Preparations are already underway for the Zambian squad, with a focus on physical conditioning and tactical readiness.

While no external friendlies have been confirmed yet, the team is actively seeking opportunities to engage in match practice, considering it crucial for their development and preparation.

Cristoforetti also emphasized the broader significance of Zambia’s success in the tournament for the growth of Futsal in the country.

He stressed the historical impact of national team achievements on the sport’s popularity domestically, citing ambitions not only for semi-final qualification but also for securing a spot in the FIFA World Cup.

The coach’s long-term vision centers on fostering organic growth within Zambian Futsal, with success on the international stage serving as a catalyst for the movement’s expansion.

As the tournament draws near, Zambia’s Futsal team under Cristoforetti’s guidance is poised for a challenging yet promising journey.

With aspirations of not only performing well in Morocco but also leaving a lasting impact on the sport’s landscape in Zambia, the team’s determination and dedication to their objectives shine through as they prepare to take on Africa’s finest on the Futsal stage.

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