Congo’s future football stars shine in Kinshasa, secure spot in CAF Championship finals


In an inspiring turn of events, Congo has clinched victory in both the Boys and Girls U-15 divisions at the CAF African Schools Football Championship UNIFFAC Qualifiers, marking a momentous occasion in their sports history.

The announcement came on a bright and hopeful afternoon of March 16th at Kinshasa’s Tata Raphael Stadium in DR Congo, signifying not just the end of the zonal qualifier stage but also the beginning of a new chapter for Congolese youth football.

The CAF African Schools Football Championship, now in its thriving second season, has reached an impressive milestone, engaging over 800,000 school-going learners across Africa.

This pioneering youth football competition has not only showcased burgeoning talent but has also played a crucial role in CAF’s broader vision of nurturing future African leaders through sport.

Congo’s journey to victory was nothing short of remarkable. Over two days filled with passionate displays of youth football, the Congolese boys team triumphed over formidable opponents, including the hosts DR Congo and Gabon.

Similarly, the girls team demonstrated unmatched skill and determination to edge out DR Congo in a closely contested final. These victories were a testament to the resilience, teamwork, and spirit of the young athletes representing Congo.

CAF Trainings

Delegates during a past training session organised by CAF. PHOTO: CAF Online

In the lead-up to the competition, CAF, in collaboration with the Congolese Football Association (FECOFA), organized a series of capacity-building workshops aimed at enriching the ecosystem of African football.

These initiatives included Grassroots Coaching refresher courses, the Young Referee’s Programme, the Young Reporters Programme, the Young Medical Officer’s Programme, and the CAF Safeguarding workshop.

These programs underscore CAF’s commitment to holistic development, ensuring that the young participants are equipped with knowledge and skills that extend beyond the football pitch.

With the qualifier phase now concluded, the spotlight turns to the Finals of the CAF African Schools Football Championship.

Here, winners from each CAF Zone will compete to be crowned the ultimate African champions in both the boys and girls divisions. The anticipation for the final phase is palpable, with details expected to be announced by CAF shortly.

Meanwhile, the CAF African Schools Football Championship WAFU A qualifiers concluded with Senegal and Gambia securing victories in the boys and girls divisions, respectively.

Held at Mauritania’s Stade Cheikha Ould Boïdiya, the event showcased the rich talent pool of young footballers in Africa, setting the stage for an electrifying Finals.

Beyond the competition, CAF’s commitment to fostering future leaders was evident through its comprehensive capacity-building programmes. Offering CAF accredited courses and workshops, these initiatives aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to their communities and the broader African society.

New stars born in Africa

As Congo celebrates this significant achievement, the CAF African Schools Football Championship continues to shine as a beacon of hope and inspiration for young Africans.

With its innovative approach to youth football, CAF is not just discovering the next generation of football stars but is also laying the groundwork for the emergence of future leaders on and off the field.

The journey to the Finals promises to be an exhilarating one, with the spirit of unity, excellence, and leadership guiding the way.

The CAF African Schools Football Champions is a first of its kind in world football, with the innovative youth football competition thousands of young African boys and girls exposure to international football and development.

This season of the competition also marked a significant milestone in the tournament’s exciting growth, with over 800,000 young African boys and girls from more than 28,000 schools across 44 countries participating reached by CAF.

The CAF Young Reporters and Young Medical Officers workshops, led by seasoned industry experts also afforded learners the unique opportunity of learning the behind the scenes of media and broadcast through the Young Reporters Programme, while also being exposed to Health and Safety in sport through the Young Medical Officers programme.


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