Egypt to host inaugural FIFA Series in historic international football event


Egypt has been announced as the host country for the inaugural FIFA Series, marking a historic moment in the annals of international football.

This groundbreaking event is poised to unfold in the vibrant city of Cairo, where teams from Croatia, Tunisia, New Zealand, and the hosts themselves will converge for a spectacle of international friendlies between March 22 and 26, 2024.

The FIFA Council’s decision in December 2022 to launch the FIFA Series aligns with its strategic vision for the Global Game for the years 2023-2027.

This initiative is designed to foster encounters between national teams from different confederations, offering them rare opportunities to compete outside their usual competitive circles.

The ultimate goal is to enhance international football interaction beyond traditional regional confines, thereby contributing significantly to the global development of the sport.

The 2024 series in Egypt serves as the pilot phase of what promises to become a biennial event, taking place every even year during the March international match window. This year’s edition is not just about the matches; it’s a test of various formats to enrich the footballing experience.

One such format sees the victors of initial matches facing off in subsequent rounds, adding a layer of anticipation and strategy to the competition.

Moreover, the FIFA Series: Egypt is just a part of a broader initiative, with 24 FIFA Member Associations playing across five locations on three continents. Teams from all six FIFA confederations are participating, highlighting the inclusive spirit of the event.

Alongside Egypt, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia (hosting two locations), and Sri Lanka have been chosen as hosts, each bringing a unique flavor to the Series.

The initiative offers a platform for nations across the FIFA spectrum to unlock technical development opportunities that were previously out of reach. With the inclusion of nations from CAF, AFC, UEFA, OFC, Concacaf, and CONMEBOL, the Series promises a rich tapestry of footballing culture and competition.

As Cairo prepares to welcome the world, the FIFA Series stands as a testament to football’s unifying power, bridging continents and cultures through the beautiful game.

Egypt’s hosting of the event not only underscores its prominent position in international football but also sets the stage for a thrilling encounter that fans around the world eagerly anticipate.

Photo: CAF Online

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