From Sand to Success: Mozambique’s beach soccer makes waves


In Mozambique, where traditional football reigns supreme, Beach Soccer is emerging as a beacon of hope, according to Saidate Abudo Moveia, head coach of the nation’s Beach Soccer national team.

Speaking from the sidelines of the COSAFA Beach Soccer Championship in Durban, South Africa, Moveia emphasized the significance of this alternative format in offering opportunities to young athletes across the country.

“Football is big in Mozambique, and so is the sport of Beach Soccer, which has grown significantly over the years,” stated Moveia. Mozambique has established itself as one of the leading nations in Beach Soccer within the southern African region, demonstrating notable performances in various competitions.

In the previous COSAFA Beach Soccer Championship, Mozambique secured a commendable third-place finish, while their standout achievement was clinching the runner-up position in the CAF Beach Soccer Africa Cup of Nations in 2021, trailing behind current champions Senegal.

Moveia highlighted the expanding presence of Beach Soccer teams throughout Mozambique, some of which are integrated into the national Football Association and participate in structured competitions.

This development, he believes, provides additional avenues for youngsters who may not have access to traditional football academies or clubs.

The ongoing COSAFA Beach Soccer Championship serves as a vital platform for Moveia to evaluate his team’s capabilities ahead of the upcoming CAF Beach Soccer AFCON tournament in Egypt later this year.

Senegal currently holds the African title, having secured victory in Mozambique in 2022, earning themselves and runners-up Egypt the opportunity to represent the continent at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

Expressing gratitude towards COSAFA for organizing the championship, Moveia emphasized its importance in boosting his team’s confidence and readiness for future competitions.

As the tournament draws to a close on Saturday, 23rd March, in Durban, Mozambique’s Beach Soccer team aims to continue their journey of growth and success in this dynamic and thrilling sport.

Beach Soccer’s rise in Mozambique not only diversifies the sporting landscape but also offers a ray of hope for aspiring athletes, showcasing that talent and opportunity can thrive beyond the conventional boundaries of the beautiful game.

With Moveia’s guidance and the enthusiasm of Mozambique’s young players, the future of Beach Soccer in the nation appears brighter than ever.


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