Ethiopian rising star Marta Alemayo stuns favorites to win U20 women’s title


Ethiopian sensation Marta Alemayo stole the spotlight at the World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Belgrade, leaving a trail of astonishment in her wake. The 15-year-old prodigy, previously a dark horse in the competition, etched her name in the annals of history with a breathtaking performance in the U20 women’s race.

Alemayo’s triumph was nothing short of spectacular as she surged ahead, defying the odds and outpacing her more heralded rivals. With each stride, she showcased a blend of determination and raw talent that belied her tender age.

Crossing the finish line in a time of 19:28, she punched her hand in the air in jubilation, her victory a testament to months of arduous training and unwavering dedication.

But Alemayo’s victory was not a solitary triumph; it was a testament to the collective strength of the Ethiopian contingent. Asayech Ayichew and Robe Dida followed closely behind, securing second and third place respectively, thus sealing Ethiopia’s dominance with a historic medal sweep.

Their victory not only defended the individual title but also secured the team title for the fifth consecutive edition since 2015, a feat of unparalleled excellence.

Reflecting on her remarkable achievement, Alemayo credited her success to rigorous training and the unwavering support of her coaches. With a steely resolve and unwavering confidence, she led from the front, dictating the pace and asserting her dominance over her rivals.

As the race reached its climax, Alemayo’s sheer determination propelled her ahead, leaving her closest competitor, Ayichew, trailing in her wake.

In the aftermath of her victory, Alemayo expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her talent on the world stage. With dreams of a bright future ahead, she remains focused on the journey that lies ahead, knowing that her triumph in Belgrade is just the beginning of a promising career.

As she stood atop the podium, bathed in the glow of her success, Alemayo embodied the spirit of resilience and determination that defines the true essence of sport.

Photo: World Athletics

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