Morocco’s Sakina Ouazraoui aims for Olympic qualification amidst transformative journey


Moroccan football star Sakina Ouazraoui is aiming for the ultimate prize: Olympic qualification. Since her team’s humbling defeat to Zambia in 2023, Ouazraoui has been fueled by determination, driven by the desire to showcase Morocco’s prowess on the international stage.

With the arrival of esteemed coach Jorge Vilda, the Atlas Lionesses have undergone a transformative journey, emerging as a formidable force in women’s football.

Reflecting on their upcoming clash against Zambia, Ouazraoui remains pragmatic yet optimistic. Despite past setbacks, she exudes confidence in her team’s evolution, emphasizing their newfound ambition and resilience.

Under Vilda’s guidance, Morocco has embraced a style of play characterized by vigor and structure, embodying a commitment to excellence on the pitch.

For Ouazraoui and her teammates, Olympic qualification represents more than just a milestone—it’s a dream they’re determined to turn into reality.

From their impressive run in the FIFA Women’s World Cup to their historic appearance in the TotalEnergies CAF Women’s AFCON final, the Atlas Lionesses have showcased the rapid progress of Moroccan women’s football.

Looking ahead, Ouazraoui acknowledges the daunting challenge that awaits them in Group B, should they secure qualification. Yet, she remains undeterred, emphasizing the team’s growth and resilience since their previous encounters with formidable opponents like Germany.

With unwavering determination and the unwavering support of their fans and federation, Ouazraoui believes that Morocco has the potential to leave a lasting impression on the Olympic stage.

As they gear up for their decisive clash with Zambia, Sakina Ouazraoui and the Atlas Lionesses are poised to seize their moment, fueled by a shared dream of Olympic glory and a steadfast belief in their abilities to defy the odds and make history for Moroccan women’s football.

Photo: CAF Online

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