Kenya Cup: Defending champions Kabras Sugar face KCB in final showdown


In what promises to be a gripping showdown, Kenya Cup defending champions Kabras Sugar RFC are gearing up to face off against the formidable KCB Rugby team in the eagerly awaited Kenya Cup Finals at Kakamega Showground this Saturday.

The stage is set for a battle royale between these two titans of Kenyan rugby, each aiming to etch their name in history once again.

Kabras Sugar, boasting back-to-back titles, are aiming for a remarkable third successive Kenya Cup victory. However, standing in their way is the seasoned KCB Rugby outfit, an eight-time champion eager to reclaim the throne. With their rich history and fierce rivalry, this final promises fireworks on the field.

The encounter holds additional significance as these teams have crossed swords numerous times in Kenya Cup finals past.

This will mark their seventh face-off in the ultimate showdown, with KCB Rugby having clinched victory five times and Kabras Sugar securing a lone win in the previous season’s final, triumphing 19-9 at their home ground.

Carlos Katywa, head coach of Kabras Sugar, exudes confidence ahead of the clash. Speaking to the Standard, Katywa emphasized the unity and bond within his squad, highlighting this season as their most successful to date. “We train and play to win,” Katywa declared, emphasizing their intent to claim another title.

KCB’s Andy Cole (center0 in action against Kabras. PHOTO: KCB Rugby

Despite acknowledging KCB’s technical prowess and tactical acumen, Katywa remains optimistic about his team’s chances. “It’s all about who executes their tactics better,” he asserted. He noted that the rainy season could pose challenges but remains focused on overcoming any obstacles that may arise.

Katywa’s meticulous approach involves studying their opponents’ strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay trends. This thorough preparation underscores Kabras Sugar’s determination to lift the trophy once again.

The head coach highlighted the mental strength instilled in his players, with a focus on isolating from distractions and maintaining unwavering focus. Katywa emphasized the importance of experienced players, highlighting their role in navigating the high-pressure final.

However, injuries have plagued Kabras Sugar in the lead-up to the final. Derrick Ashihundu, Jone Kubu, Brian Tanga, and Barry Robinson are among the casualties, but Katywa remains undeterred, viewing this as the last hurdle in their quest for glory.

Captain George Nyambua echoed Katywa’s sentiments, emphasizing Kabras Sugar’s winning culture and their relentless pursuit of success. “Winning is a culture here at Kabras,” Nyambua declared, outlining the team’s unwavering determination.

KCB star Davis Chenge in action during a past match against Kenya Harlequin. PHOTO: Fanaka, X

Nyambua highlighted the team’s mental toughness and preparedness for the final, expressing confidence in their abilities across all aspects of play. He shrugged off concerns about the weather, asserting that Kabras Sugar is well-prepared for any conditions they may encounter.

“Winning is a culture here at Kabras and that is why each and every season we get to the finals because we can’t do something short than getting into the finals and winning the finals. That is why we have been training hard and we have taken every match as a final,” Kabras captain George Nyambua.

As the final approaches, anticipation is mounting among rugby enthusiasts. The clash between Kabras Sugar RFC and KCB Rugby promises to be a spectacle, with both sides poised to leave everything on the field in pursuit of Kenya Cup glory.

For Kabras Sugar, this final represents more than just a chance to retain their title—it’s an opportunity to solidify their legacy as one of Kenya’s premier rugby clubs. With KCB Rugby standing in their path, the stage is set for an epic encounter that will undoubtedly captivate fans and test the mettle of both teams.

As the players gear up for battle, rugby aficionados eagerly await the outcome of what promises to be a memorable Kenya Cup Final. Will Kabras Sugar continue their reign, or will KCB Rugby reclaim their dominance?

The answer will unfold on the hallowed grounds of Kakamega Showground this Saturday, in a clash that will echo through the annals of Kenyan rugby history.

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