DR Congo, Kenya and Burundi conclude CAF club licensing workshops


The push to elevate African football’s professionalism reached new heights as the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) concluded a series of fruitful CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) workshops in DR Congo, Kenya, and Burundi from 2nd April to 6th April.

Under the umbrella of CAF’s Professional Football Division, these workshops aimed to familiarize Member Associations with the mechanics, functionality, and advantages of the CLOP system. CLOP, an electronic tool developed by CAF, streamlines club licensing and stadium inspection procedures for both continental and domestic competitions.

With the CLOP platform, Member Associations gain access to a fully automated and electronic club licensing process, facilitating clubs’ submission and archiving of licensing documents for CAF Club Interclub competitions. Recently expanded to all 54 Member Associations, CLOP is now a cornerstone of top-tier men’s club competitions across Africa.

CAF’s Head of Professional Football, Muhammad Sidat, highlighted the overwhelming reception from DR Congo, Kenya, and Burundi towards the CLOP system.

“The CLOP system continues to be well received across the continent thanks to the receptive nature of our Member Associations,” remarked Sidat.

“Through collaborative efforts with our Member Associations, the growth and enhancement of professional football continues to rise.”

Sidat emphasized the ongoing commitment to refining CLOP, aiming to make it the premier system for professionalizing football in Africa. “The system is now fully functional, and we continue to work together with our Member Associations in further developing CLOP,” he added.

These workshops signify CAF’s proactive approach to fostering football excellence on the continent. By equipping Member Associations with cutting-edge tools like CLOP, CAF is nurturing a landscape where clubs can thrive and players can excel.

Looking ahead, CAF is poised to unveil more initiatives and future workshops as part of the next phases of the CLOP system. These endeavors underline CAF’s unwavering dedication to advancing African football’s professionalism and ensuring its sustained growth on a global stage.


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