Paris 2024: African match officials ready to shine at Olympic football games


In a testament to Africa’s growing influence on the global football stage, twelve distinguished match officials from across the continent have been selected to officiate at the Paris Olympics Football Tournaments Paris 2024, as announced by the FIFA Referees Committee.

Among the 89 officials chosen for this prestigious event, the significant representation from Africa highlights the region’s exceptional refereeing talent and readiness to excel at the highest levels of international football.

The women’s tournament is set to commence on July 25, 2024, with the Parc des Princes in Paris as the venue for the gold medal match on August 10, 2024. On the other hand, the men’s competition will kick off a day earlier on July 24, culminating in its final on August 9, 2024, also at the iconic Parc des Princes.

The African match officials selected for this esteemed occasion will undergo meticulous preparations, receiving continuous support and guidance from FIFA’s team of technical trainers, including referees and video assistant referee (VAR) instructors. Complementary support will be provided by match analysts, fitness coaches, physiotherapists, and sports scientists throughout the Olympic Games.

The contingent of African match officials for the Olympic Football Tournaments Paris 2024 includes referees and assistant referees from diverse nations, showcasing the continent’s rich and varied footballing expertise.

Referees BEIDA Dahane from Mauritania, ISMAIL Mahmood Ali M. from Sudan, and KARBOUBI Bouchra from Morocco will represent Africa in the pivotal role of overseeing matches on the field. Meanwhile, assistant referees such as AHMED Liban Abdoulrazack (Djibouti), CHIKOTESHA Diana (Zambia), JERMOUMI Fatiha (Morocco), NOUPUE Elvis (Cameroon), SANTOS Jerson Emiliano Dos (Angola), and YIEMBE Stephen (Kenya) will provide essential support in officiating duties.

In the critical video match officials category, ASHOUR Mahmoud (Egypt) and BENBRAHAM Lahlou (Algeria) will play pivotal roles behind the scenes, ensuring the integrity and fairness of the matches.

Uganda’s NABADDA Shamirah will bolster the African representation by providing valuable support as part of the match officials’ team.

For these African match officials, the Olympic Football Tournaments Paris 2024 mark a significant milestone in their careers, as they aspire to progress to future prestigious events such as the FIFA World Cup 2026™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™.

As they prepare to take center stage in Paris, these officials carry not only their nations’ flags but also the hopes and aspirations of an entire continent, aiming to uphold the highest standards of fairness, competence, and excellence in football officiating.


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