Michael Karamor: Nigerian star lighting up Kenya’s National Super League


At just 21 years old, Michael Karamor’s journey from the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, to the lush pitches of Kenya’s National Super League (NSL) is nothing short of remarkable.

In his current form, Karamor stands among the leading goal-scorers in the NSL with an impressive tally of 15 goals for Kisumu All Stars, a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to the game.

Karamor’s love affair with football began in Kwara State, Nigeria, where he was born. However, it was in Lagos, amidst the city’s vibrancy and challenges, that his footballing dreams took shape.

Michael Karamor (left) in action for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Inspired by his father, who was also a footballer, albeit not at the professional level, Karamor was imbued with a deep-seated love for the sport. “I think it runs in the blood,” he says, acknowledging the influence of his parents who mentored him through his early years.

Growing up, Karamor played for several clubs in Nigeria, including Puma Academy and Gateway Club, before moving to RAISA Academy in Ghana. His journey also took him to Kwara United in the Nigerian Premier League and Real Athletico Club.

Michael Karamor (right) in action for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

A brief stint in Germany with Schalke 04’s trials opened his eyes to the broader possibilities in his career.

Despite his promising talent, Karamor admits he never knew much about football in Kenya until his agent introduced him to the opportunity.

In 2020, he accepted an offer to join Sofapaka in the Kenyan Premier League. His tenure there, followed by spells with Kakamega Homeboyz and Western Stima, provided him with invaluable experiences, both as a player and as a person.

“You learn to fight for your team, for your teammates, and to become better. As a foreigner, you have to be outstanding and consistent,” Karamor reflects.

Michael Karamor (center) in action for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

The transition to Kenya was not without its challenges. The weather, particularly Nairobi’s cooler climate, initially took a toll on his stamina.

However, with determination and regular gym sessions, Karamor adapted. His resilience paid off when he joined Kisumu All Stars, where he has truly found his stride.

Despite the hurdles, Karamor found a new home in Kenya. He speaks fondly of the country’s culture and the Kisumu community.

Michael Karamor (center) with Kisumu All Stars fans. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

“Kenya has a beautiful culture, and it’s a place I would love to stay even after football. I call Kenya home now,” he says.

The support from the Kisumu community, especially the fans, has been a cornerstone of his success. “The Kisumu community has really played a big role in supporting me. They have amazing fans, and I love the community.”

Michael Karamor (right) with Kisumu All Stars fan. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Karamor’s current season with Kisumu All Stars has been a revelation. His scoring prowess has placed him among the top goal scorers in the NSL, and his leadership on the pitch has been instrumental in the team’s success.

“My performance with Kisumu All Stars I can describe as not enough, but I give thanks to God because I know much more is expected from me. As a leader, I always want us to win,” he states.

Michael Karamor in action for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Despite his achievements, Karamor remains grounded and driven by his dreams.

His ultimate goal is to play for top European clubs, with Real Madrid being his dream destination.

“My target is to play in Europe,” he says with a chuckle, knowing the enormity of the ambition but equally confident in his ability to achieve it.

Michael Karamor (left) in actiona training session with Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Off the pitch, Karamor has embraced the Kenyan culture.

His favorite Kenyan food is Ugali and spinach, though he admits to missing Nigerian delicacies like Fufu and Egusi soup.

“Yes, I miss home every day,” he confesses, but Kenya has become a second home for him. “Kenya has a beautiful culture, and it’s a place I would love to stay even after football.”

Michael Karamor (center) icelebrates after scoring for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Throughout his journey, Karamor’s faith and the support of his family have been his pillars of strength.

“My biggest supporters are God and my parents’ prayers. It hasn’t been easy so far, but I know with God, impossible is nothing,” he affirms. He also extends heartfelt thanks to his fans, who have stood by him through thick and thin. “They are the reason why I keep going till now, and I want to tell them I love them so, so much.”

Michael Karamor (center) in action for Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Looking ahead, Karamor is determined to continue his ascent in football. He believes the NSL is tougher than the FKF Premier League due to the high stakes involved, with every team vying for promotion.

“In the FKF, some teams are just there to remain, but in the NSL, anyone can win. There are no small teams,” he observes.

As he eyes a return to the top-tier Kenyan Premier League, Karamor is brimming with confidence and a message for his fans: “If I get a chance back to the Kenyan Premier League, they should expect more of King KARA,” he declares.

Michael Karamor of Kisumu All Stars. PHOTO: Kiusmu All Stars

Michael Karamor’s journey is a testament to his passion for football, resilience in the face of challenges, and unwavering ambition.

From the streets of Lagos to the fields of Kisumu, his story is one of determination, faith, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. As he continues to light up the NSL with his goals, the football world watches in anticipation of what this Nigerian star will achieve next.

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