Who will dominate the 2024 Women’s Basketball Champions League Africa qualifiers?


The stage is set for an exhilarating second edition of the Africa Women’s Basketball League (AWBL), now rebranded as the Women’s Basketball Champions League Africa (WBCLA), following a resolution by the FIBA Africa Central Board.

Teams from across the continent are gearing up for the 2024 qualifiers, eager to dethrone the reigning champions and make their mark on the premier women’s club basketball competition in Africa. Here’s a preview of the teams and nations to watch in this year’s qualifiers.

Egypt’s Contenders: Al Ahly SC and Alexandria Sporting Club

In Egypt, the spotlight falls on Al Ahly SC, the newly crowned Egyptian champions. Having opted out of the inaugural AWBL edition, Al Ahly is now ready to make a grand entrance, buoyed by their historical third-place finish in the 2019 edition of the competition’s predecessor.

Their primary rival, Alexandria Sporting Club (ASC), the inaugural AWBL champions, could also feature if they choose to defend their title.

Alexandria Sporting Club,Egypt Photo:X

ASC’s dominance in the inaugural edition, where they averaged 103 points per game and produced the MVP, Cierra Dillard, sets high expectations for their performance. Both Egyptian giants aim to assert their supremacy and claim the continental crown.

Kenya’s Hopefuls: Kenya Ports Authority and Rivals

From Kenya, the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) emerges as a formidable contender. KPA, under the guidance of coach Antony Ojukwu, reached the semifinals in the last AWBL and clinched the silver medal, showcasing their potential on the continental stage.

KPA Vs REG in a past match at the AWBL 2023 Photo:X

As they navigate the Kenyan League playoff semifinals, their primary competition comes from Zetech Sparks and Equity Hawks.

Sparks, having missed the last qualifiers due to financial constraints, are eager to secure their spot, while the Hawks, who received a wild card entry last year, are equally determined. This trio’s rivalry will undoubtedly heighten the stakes in the Zone 5 Qualifiers.

Angola’s Powerhouses: Inter Clube and Primeiro de Agosto

In Angola, Inter Clube and Primeiro de Agosto are the teams to beat. Inter Clube, the reigning bronze medalists of the inaugural AWBL, boasts talents like Mozambican star Ingvild Mucauro and American-Angolan Italee Lucas.

Inter Clube OF Angola Photo: X

Their recent victory over Primeiro de Agosto to secure the national title affirms their readiness for the qualifiers. Meanwhile, Primeiro de Agosto, with a rich history of success in the competition’s predecessor, remains a formidable force.

Their experience and competitive edge make them strong contenders for a place in the 2024 AWBL.

Rwanda’s Aspirations: Rwanda Energy Group

Rwanda Energy Group (REG) also aims to make a significant impact. With the addition of WNBA talents such as Nia Clouden, Tiffany Mitchell, and Destiny Philoxy, REG demonstrated their ambition in the last AWBL.

Their ongoing success in the local league and their strategic recruitment suggest they are serious contenders for the qualifiers. REG’s blend of local and international talent could be a game-changer in their quest for continental glory.

Mozambique’s Reemergence: Costa do Sol and Ferroviário de Maputo

Mozambique, absent in the inaugural edition, is set to re-emerge with two strong teams: Costa do Sol and Ferroviário de Maputo. Both teams were medalists in the last edition of the Cup competition before the rebranding, with Costa do Sol clinching silver and Ferroviário de Maputo securing bronze.

Their return to the qualifiers, overcoming previous financial constraints, will add depth and competitiveness to the tournament.

Morocco and Cameroon: Dark Horses and Underdogs

Morocco’s Majd Tanger, fresh from their Moroccan Cup title victory over KAC Marrakech, also enter the fray. The winner of their upcoming league final will advance to the AWBL Qualifiers, bringing Moroccan basketball into the continental spotlight.

Cameroon’s FAP, having dominated their Final-Four campaign, will look to translate their domestic success onto the continental stage. Their undefeated run in the local league positions them as a team to watch in the qualifiers.

Nigeria and Beyond: The Return of Nigeria Customs

Nigeria Customs, who made a notable return to FIBA competition after 26 years, will also be keen to build on their re-entry. Their participation adds another layer of excitement and competition, reflecting the broadening scope and appeal of the AWBL.

As the qualifiers draw near, anticipation builds for a highly competitive tournament that will see the best teams from across Africa vie for a place in the 2024 AWBL.

Each team, from the defending champions to the dark horses, brings its unique flair and ambition, promising a thrilling and unpredictable journey to the top of African women’s club basketball. The stage is set, and the battle lines are drawn—let the games begin.

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