CAF launches CAF Research Hub to support African Football Development


CAF has introduced the CAF Research Hub, a new initiative aimed at supporting CAF’s Member Associations and their development projects.

The focus of the Research Hub is on the gathering and utilization of information, recognizing the crucial role research plays in football advancement.

CAF has invested in this tool to provide data-driven insights to Member Associations and Zonal Unions.

Sarah Mukuna, Director of CAF Member Associations, emphasized that the CAF Research Hub’s mission is to offer data-driven insights into African football, conducting research that informs action and provides evidence relevant to the African context.

The hub aims to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge to benefit Member Associations and stakeholders in African football.

Under the leadership of the CAF Member Associations Division, the Research Hub will prioritize research in Youth Football, Women’s Football, Football Administration, Medical, and Football Performance.

To kickstart the initiative, a pilot project will be launched across all six Zonal Unions during the second edition of the CAF African Schools Programme.

This project will leverage existing data to provide insights into African youth football and assess the impact of the CAF African Schools Football Championship on the continent.

As the first research project phase concludes, CAF plans to reshape its development structures to extend services to all Member Associations, encompassing both sporting and administrative aspects.

Dr. Nonhlanhla Mkumbuzi, the lead researcher, expressed enthusiasm for the CAF Research Hub, highlighting its potential to foster collaboration between member associations and research institutions in conducting African football research.

The impact of the Research Hub is expected to lie in providing stakeholders in African football with an evidence base for data-driven, context-driven capacity-building initiatives and decision-making at all levels of the game.

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