Kenya’s Equity Hawks poor run continue at Africa Women’s Basketball


In a pivotal match at the 2023 Africa Women’s Basketball League (AWBL) in Egypt, the Equity Hawks suffered a significant setback, losing 84-50 to the Rwanda Energy Group (REG) Basketball Club.

This loss against REG, a team known for its strategic prowess and teamwork, highlighted the challenges faced by Equity.

Despite standout performances from Judith Edward Pantaleo, who scored 8 points and grabbed 5 rebounds, and Christine Akinyi with 8 rebounds and an assist, Equity Hawks struggled to match REG’s intensity and efficiency.

REG’s players, excelling in scoring, rebounding, and assists, showcased their superior form, overpowering Equity in every aspect of the game. Their control over the game limited Equity’s chances and set the tone for a one-sided encounter.

This defeat is part of a mixed series of outcomes for Equity Hawks in the tournament. They began with a disappointing 80-55 loss to Angola’s Inter Clube but showed promise with an 87-69 victory over Benin’s ASPAC.

However, the loss to REG has brought to the forefront the need for significant improvements in both their offensive and defensive strategies.

As the tournament progresses, the Equity Hawks, a blend of seasoned and emerging talents, are at a crossroads. The experience against top-tier teams like REG is invaluable, but the need to learn and adapt is crucial.

They face another challenge against Overdose from Cameroon, an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for growth and resilience. The road ahead is tough, but with focus and teamwork, Equity has the potential to overcome these early struggles and emerge stronger.

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