Gabon’s basketball heroes ready to fight for AfroBasket qualification


In the lead-up to the AfroBasket pre-qualifiers, Gabon’s basketball squad finds itself in a pivotal moment of preparation, with seasoned player Lerry Essono urging his teammates to embrace their dreams and self-belief.

As the team readies for a two-legged clash against their neighbors in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Essono, a 31-year-old forward, underlined the importance of unity and chemistry among the players.

Despite facing challenges stemming from a lack of robust domestic infrastructure, including limited access to gyms and arenas, Essono remains optimistic about the team’s potential.

Reflecting on his experience at the 2023 FIBA AfroCan in Angola, where Gabon secured a victory against Kenya, Essono emphasized the significance of such competitions in bolstering the team’s confidence and aspiration for future success.

With Gabon’s last participation in an AfroBasket pre-qualifier dating back to 2017 and their last AfroBasket appearance in 2015, Essono stresses the importance of a meticulous preparation process, citing the adage, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”

Acknowledging the team’s current developmental stage, Essono emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation for future competitions, with young players venturing abroad to hone their skills.

Essono’s sentiments are echoed by his teammates, including power forward Farell Drexler Dimidiamba and center Dolivitch Moupomo, both of whom participated in the AfroCan. The team exhibits a resolute fighting spirit, determined to represent Gabon with pride and determination on the court.

Encouraging his fellow players to dream big and trust in their abilities, Essono draws inspiration from past encounters with basketball luminaries at events like the 2015 AfroBasket. His message serves as a rallying cry for Gabon’s basketball hopefuls as they embark on their journey towards qualification.

As the AfroBasket pre-qualifiers loom large, Essono’s words resonate as a testament to the resilience and determination of Gabon’s basketball fraternity, poised to defy the odds and chase their dreams on the continental stage.

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