AfroBasket 2025: Albert Odero leads Kenya Morans’ charge towards AfroBasket qualification


In the swirling heat of Monastir, Tunisia, where the echoes of basketball dreams reverberate through the courts, Albert Odero emerged as a beacon of hope for Kenya Morans in their quest for AfroBasket glory.

Despite facing formidable opponents and grappling with initial setbacks, Odero’s unwavering belief in his team’s potential shone through, igniting a spark of determination that refuses to be extinguished.

The FIBA AfroBasket 2025 Qualifiers Window 1 witnessed Odero’s virtuoso performance, as the guard showcased his versatility and skill in every game. Despite stumbling in their initial encounters against Tunisia and Angola, Odero’s resilience remained unbroken.

With an average of 18 points per game and a standout performance against Tunisia, where he notched up a game-high of 25 points, Odero proved to be the driving force behind Morans’ resurgence.

Reflecting on their journey, Odero emphasized the importance of teamwork and chemistry in their triumphant final encounter against Guinea.

“We were able to build some sort of chemistry in the last game,” he remarked, highlighting the contributions of his teammates and their collective effort to secure victory. From Derrick Ogechi’s crucial plays to Victor Bosire’s defensive prowess, Odero acknowledged the integral role each player played in their success.

As a seasoned player with experience in both local and international arenas, Odero understands the significance of cohesion and collaboration among players, regardless of their backgrounds.

Advocating for more opportunities for national team scrimmages and integration of local and diaspora talents, Odero envisions a stronger, more unified Kenyan squad capable of conquering new heights in basketball.

Having made his mark in the previous FIBA AfroBasket tournament in Kigali, Rwanda, Odero is no stranger to the pressure and expectations that come with representing his country on the international stage.

With a mindset focused on victory and advancement, Odero approaches the upcoming qualifiers with determination and conviction, knowing that each round will present its own challenges.

Off the court, Odero’s commitment to basketball excellence extends to his new club, Nairobi City Thunder.

Delighted to be part of an organization dedicated to winning the premiere league and vying for a spot in the Basketball Africa League (BAL), Odero sees his involvement as a stepping stone towards elevating Kenyan basketball onto the global stage.

In his debut match for Nairobi City Thunder, Odero showcased his prowess with a commanding performance, tallying 10 points in a resounding victory against Eldonets Platinum.

With his sights set on guiding Thunder to national glory and securing a coveted spot in the BAL, Odero’s mission is clear: to leave an indelible mark on the court and pave the way for future generations of Kenyan basketball talent.

As the AfroBasket qualifiers progress and Kenya Morans continue their pursuit of qualification, one thing remains certain – Albert Odero’s unwavering belief in his team’s ability to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious.

With his leadership and determination, Odero is poised to lead Kenya to new heights in African basketball, leaving a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

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