Why South Africa’s David Brits’ is determined to shine in sevens rugby


In the world of rugby, David Brits is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his abrasive yet elusive playing style, Brits has made a name for himself as a hard-hitting competitor with a knack for slipping through defenses with finesse.

His journey to success has been marked by determination and a relentless drive to push himself to new heights.

Having played a pivotal role in the Toyota Cheetahs’ victory in the prestigious Currie Cup, Brits has proven himself as a formidable athlete in the world of fifteens rugby.

But now, he’s set his sights on a new challenge – representing his country in the green and gold of the Springbok Sevens.

As he donned the Springbok training jersey for the first time at the Blitzboks’ training session in Perth, emotions overwhelmed Brits.

The significance of wearing the Springbok emblem was not lost on him, as he reflected on his journey from representing the SA Schools and Junior Springboks to this pivotal moment in his career.

Transitioning from fifteens to sevens rugby was no easy feat for Brits, but his desire to challenge himself and contribute to a team he admired since childhood fueled his determination.

Despite setbacks, including a rib injury that sidelined him for the first two tournaments of the HSBC SVNS, Brits persevered, eager to make his mark on the sevens circuit.

Acknowledging the challenges that come with the faster pace and heightened fitness demands of sevens rugby, Brits is undeterred.

Instead, he embraces the opportunity to contribute to his team’s success, recognizing his role in creating opportunities for his teammates and making crucial tackles on the field.

For Brits, representing South Africa in the world of sevens rugby is not just a personal achievement – it’s a chance to honor his teammates who have supported him along the way.

As he prepares to take the field in Perth, Brits is focused on giving his all for his country and his team.

With determination in his heart and a Springbok on his chest, David Brits is ready to write the next chapter in his rugby journey.

And for fans of the Springbok Sevens, there’s no doubt that Brits will bring his trademark intensity and skill to the pitch, leaving it all on the field in pursuit of victory.

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