AfroBasket 2025: Mozambique’s basketball future bright with Houana’s leadership


Veteran Mozambican basketball star Elves Houana believes that despite facing formidable opponents in the upcoming AfroBasket qualifiers, his team is undaunted and ready to compete at the highest level.

After a commendable performance in the pre-qualifiers, where Mozambique secured passage to the group phase, Houana remains optimistic about his team’s prospects.

Houana’s pivotal role in Mozambique’s qualification cannot be understated. His contributions, including crucial points and a game-winning three-pointer against South Africa, propelled his team forward.

Speaking to FIBA, Houana expressed satisfaction with their achievement in the pre-qualifiers but emphasized the importance of looking ahead.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by Group A opponents South Sudan, Mali, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Houana remains resolute.

Despite facing teams with greater physical power, he believes in Mozambique’s ability to compete effectively.

“We are small, but our fast game and efficiency can get us a ticket to the next stage,” Houana remarked.

Reflecting on Mozambique’s recent participation in the AfroCan tournament, where they showcased a young and dynamic team, Houana sees potential for growth.

The infusion of youth has invigorated the squad, instilling a strong desire to represent their country with pride on the international stage.

As Mozambique prepares to embark on their AfroBasket qualifying journey, Houana’s experience will undoubtedly be invaluable.

His leadership and on-court prowess were evident in the pre-qualifiers, and his guidance will be crucial for the team’s success moving forward.

Despite the daunting task ahead, Houana’s confidence in Mozambique’s abilities remains unwavering. With determination, teamwork, and a commitment to their style of play, he believes they can overcome any obstacle and secure qualification for the 2025 AfroBasket.

As the qualifying window approaches, Mozambique will draw upon their collective strengths, fueled by Houana’s leadership and the determination of a young, ambitious squad.

With their sights set on representing their nation with distinction, they are poised to make their mark on the continental stage once again.

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