African Games 2023: Ghana and Tanzania brace for showdown as Uganda faces determined Ethiopia


Excitement fills the air as the 13th African Games witness Ghana and Tanzania gearing up for a fierce battle on Tuesday in the women’s football competition. With both teams eyeing a spot in the semi-finals, anticipation runs high at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

Ghana’s coach Yussif Basigi exudes confidence, assuring fans of a stellar performance against Tanzania. “We know what it takes to play a physical side,” Basigi asserts, hinting at a strategic approach to secure victory. Striker Mukarama Abdulai echoes his sentiments, emphasizing the team’s determination to rectify past mistakes and emerge triumphant.

However, Tanzania’s coach Bakari Shime remains undaunted by Ghana’s reputation, expressing readiness for the challenge ahead. Star player Irene Kisisa reinforces their resolve, underscoring the team’s preparation and determination to make their mark in the competition.

In another matchup, Uganda’s coach Sheryl Botes reflects on their previous encounter with Tanzania, emphasizing the invaluable lessons learned. Player Phionah Nabulime affirms the team’s determination to bounce back stronger against Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s coach, Yosef Dhadhi, remains optimistic despite their loss to Ghana, emphasizing thorough preparation for the upcoming clash with Uganda. Player Nardos Getinet echoes this sentiment, highlighting their unwavering determination to extend their tournament journey.

As the stage is set for these thrilling encounters, fans brace themselves for an exhilarating display of skill, strategy, and determination on the football field.

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