Pharaohs get boost as Nader gears up for international debut


Former NBA star Abdelrahman Nader’s journey from the glitz of American basketball to the courts of his birth country, Egypt, is set to reach a pivotal moment as he gears up for his Pharaohs debut in the upcoming 2025 AfroBasket Qualifiers.

The announcement, made by the Egyptian Basketball Federation, marked the clearing of the 30-year-old’s eligibility to don the Egyptian jersey officially.

 It’s a momentous occasion for Nader, who had been on the cusp of joining the national team for the last three assignments, only to be thwarted by circumstances.

For Nader, born in Alexandria before his family migrated to the United States during his childhood, basketball wasn’t just a game; it was a bridge connecting him to new beginnings.

Starting out to make friends in a foreign land, he found his passion in the game, eventually carving out a remarkable career that saw him rise through the ranks from high school to college hoops and onto the NBA stage.

Despite tasting success in the NBA, including a stint in the 2021 Finals with the Phoenix Suns, Nader’s heart yearned to represent the land of his birth.

His dreams were momentarily deferred by injury during the World Cup, but now, as he sets his sights on the AfroBasket Qualifiers, he’s more determined than ever to make an impact.

Having witnessed Egypt’s valiant efforts in the opening window of the qualifiers, Nader is eager to add his experience and leadership to the squad.

With a mix of young talent and seasoned veterans, he believes the team has the potential to rewrite history for Egyptian basketball on the continental and global stage.

As Egypt prepares to embark on another round of qualification, hopes are high, with Nader’s inclusion adding a new dimension to the team’s aspirations.

With his eyes firmly set on the prize and a commitment to making his country proud, Nader stands ready to lead his brothers in the battle for basketball glory, both in Africa and beyond.

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