Kenya: All pomp and color as Talanta Hela U19 team returns from Spain


In a whirlwind of excitement and vibrant celebration, the Talanta Hela U19 football teams made their triumphant return to Kenya from Spain, landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport amidst an unforgettable welcome.

The atmosphere at the airport was nothing short of jubilant as the teams touched down at 1:00 am. Government officials and supporters alike lined up to greet the returning heroes, showering them with bouquets and enthusiastic cheers.

The scene was further illuminated by traditional dancers, whose spirited performances of isukuti captivated the crowd and added an authentic Kenyan flair to the occasion.

Despite the weariness of a long journey, the players and coaching staff embraced the festivities with zeal, joining in the traditional dances and sharing in the collective joy of their homecoming.

Team captain Elisha Nalianya expressed his gratitude for the international experience, describing it as a dream fulfilled.

“We enjoyed. The journey was good; we have learned a lot. It feels good to be back home because we promised to bring something home, and we kept that promise,” Nalianya said.

Girls’ captain Vidah Okeyo, while reflecting on the tournament, highlighted the lessons learned and the challenges faced.

“We expected to take the first position but we did not manage. It was a good experience; we learned a lot and interacted with many people. It was cold and the food was strange. We missed Ugali,” Okeyo revealed.

Coach Jackline Juma commended her team’s performance and resilience in a new environment. “The journey was amazing. We left here with a goal, and we achieved it. It was a learning experience, and they eventually gained the courage and conquered. I am happy for their performance,” Juma said.

Acting sports director, Jackson Indakwa, lauded the teams for their achievements and promised continued support for their development.

“We watched their games and were happy our boys could fight on that big stage. We hope to give them more exposure opportunities. This was just the beginning,” Indakwa stated.

The Talanta Hela U19 teams’ successes in the Costa Daurada Cup and subsequent friendly matches not only showcased their talent but also emphasized the potential of Kenyan sports on the global stage.

With unwavering support from officials and fans alike, the future of these young athletes shines brightly as they continue to pursue excellence both domestically and internationally.

This homecoming celebration marked not just a return from Spain, but a significant step forward in the journey of Kenyan football on the world map.

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