Abidjan set to host Zone 3 FIBA Africa U18 Qualifiers


ThePalaise des Sports ,Cote d’Ivoire  stands as a beacon of basketball excellence, and from July 8th to 18th, it will be the epicenter of youthful talent as it hosts the Zone 3 FIBA Africa U18 Qualifiers for Men and Women.

With aspirations high and stakes even higher, eight national U18 teams from the West African region gear up to battle for supremacy, vying for qualification to the Final Round slated for Pretoria, South Africa.

The lineup is a testament to the diversity and richness of basketball talent across the region. From Benin to Togo, Ghana to Nigeria, each team carries the hopes and dreams of their nation as they seek to punch their ticket to the prestigious 2025 FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup.

Benin fished eighth in the nine-team U18 African Championship in 2022

Among the contenders, Benin emerges as a team hungry for redemption. Despite a lackluster performance in the last edition, they aim to rewrite their basketball narrative and secure a fourth appearance on the continental stage. With the experience of past appearances under their belt, they are determined to make a lasting impact this time around.

Meanwhile, powerhouses like Nigeria showcase their dominance, boasting an impressive record of 11 appearances and a haul of medals to boot. With a legacy of success behind them, they enter the qualifiers as formidable contenders, setting their sights on adding another chapter to their storied basketball history.

For Togo, the journey to basketball prominence is a quest for revival. With only a solitary appearance decades ago, they seek to rekindle their basketball flame under the visionary leadership of Gina Adekambi, aiming to reintroduce themselves to the international stage with a strong showing in Abidjan.

In the women’s category, the competition is equally fierce. Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Nigeria stand as the torchbearers, each with their own tale of triumphs and challenges. From Benin’s historic hosting to Nigeria’s pursuit of redemption, the stage is set for a captivating battle as these teams vie for a coveted spot in the Final Round.

Mali are the current FIBA U18 Women’s African Championship

As the qualifiers unfold, all eyes are on Cote d’Ivoire, the host nation, to set the tone for an electrifying tournament. With talent abound and dreams at stake, the competition promises to unearth future stars and showcase the best of West African basketball.

In this arena of dreams, where passion meets skill, the journey to qualification is more than just a quest for victory—it’s a platform for young athletes to shine, to inspire, and to make their nations proud. And as the battle for tickets to South Africa intensifies, one thing is certain: the Zone 3 FIBA Africa U18 Qualifiers will be a spectacle to behold, shaping the future of basketball in the region for years to come.

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