South Africa’s Springbok women set out to conquer Europe


South Africa’s Springbok Women are embarking on a rigorous European tour, with young talent Byrhandrѐ Dolf leading the charge in pursuit of incremental gains.

At just 19 years old, Dolf made her Test debut last year and has since become a pivotal player for South Africa, showcasing versatility across multiple positions reminiscent of the legendary Frans Steyn. Hailing from Eastern Province, she now plies her trade professionally with the Bulls Daisies, boasting accolades including the Women’s Premier Division title.

Fresh off victories in the Rugby Africa Cup and WXV 2, Dolf joins her teammates in Edinburgh after traversing continents. With training matches against Scotland and Wales on the horizon, followed by Tests against Spain and the USA, the Springbok Women are primed for intense competition.

Dolf, speaking upon arrival, emphasized the team’s commitment to continuous improvement. “We are chasing small improvements on this tour,” she stated. “If we can enhance by one percent each day, we will return home a much better team.”

Despite her demanding schedule, Dolf’s energy remains high, buoyed by her recent sevens experience. While acknowledging the physical toll, she remains focused on the task at hand, prioritizing her role within the team.

“I want to become more decisive in my decision-making,” Dolf revealed. “As one of the younger players, the seniors have been instrumental in allowing me to assert my role. I aim to fulfill the expectations of both my teammates and coaches.”

As the Springbok Women embark on their European campaign, Dolf stands as a beacon of youthful ambition, eager to leave her mark on the international stage. With determination and talent in abundance, South Africa’s rugby future looks brighter than ever.

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