South Africa Springbok women’s rugby star Lochner returns with determination


Amidst the crisp Edinburgh air, the Springbok Women’s camp welcomed back their four England-based professionals, completing the formidable 32-player lineup for their imminent European tour.

Danelle Lochner, Babalwa Latsha, Aseza Hele, and Lindelwa Gwala, fresh from their stints with Harlequins Women and Ealing Trailfinders, rejoined the squad, injecting a surge of enthusiasm and anticipation into the team.

For Lochner, this reunion marked an “emotional moment,” as she expressed her eagerness to once again don the revered Green and Gold jersey. “Of course, we miss home and everything associated with that,” Lochner reflected, “but to see our teammates again and become part of this special group was a great feeling.”

Having showcased her prowess in all 10 test matches in 2023, Lochner’s stellar performance earned her acclaim and an invitation to join Harlequins in the Alliance Premiership. Reflecting on her time in England, Lochner emphasized the invaluable lessons gleaned from facing off against top-tier international players week in and week out.

Now, as she reunites with the Springbok Women squad, Lochner is prepared to embrace the challenges and changes that lie ahead. “The focus is now to get back into the Springbok Women team and contribute for the next three weeks on tour,” she affirmed, ready to assimilate the latest team strategies and lineout variations.

Despite the adjustment to the Scottish climate, Lochner remains undaunted, recognizing the team’s resilience and determination. “The talent is there, the hard work is being done,” she asserted, exuding confidence in the squad’s trajectory.

As Lochner prepares to infuse her trademark physicality and experience into the team dynamics, she embodies the unwavering spirit of the Springbok Women, poised for success on the international stage. With optimism ablaze and determination in their hearts, Lochner and her teammates stand ready to embark on a journey that promises excitement, growth, and triumph.

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