Badminton: Uganda upbeat ahead of Thomas and Uber Cup in China


The Uganda Badminton Association (UBA) has confirmed that its women’s team will be competing in the prestigious Thomas and Uber Cup in China.

Following South Africa’s withdrawal, Uganda, who secured a commendable second place in the All Africa Championship, has earned the opportunity to showcase their talent on the international stage.

Simon Mugabi, the CEO of UBA, expressed elation over this development, emphasising the significance of this opportunity for the women’s team.

Mugabi highlighted the chance for the team to gain valuable ranking points, enhancing their prospects for qualification to the Paris Olympics 2024.

The Thomas & Uber Cup, set to take place in Chengdu from April 28th to May 5th, 2024, will feature top badminton talent from around the globe.

Uganda’s participation comes hot on the heels of their success at the 13th African Games in Ghana, where they clinched three medals, including gold in the doubles.

Despite financial constraints, the Uganda team is gearing up for the challenge, with the players recently participating in tournaments in France and Spain.

Mugabi expressed optimism regarding the team’s preparedness for the upcoming competition in China.

However, Uganda will face the competition with a smaller squad than allowed, fielding only four players instead of the permitted six due to financial limitations.

Additionally, the team will travel without a coach, further underscoring the financial challenges faced by the association.

Nevertheless, Mugabi remains hopeful that the team will perform admirably, drawing inspiration from their recent successes and determined efforts in training and preparation.

The Uganda women’s badminton team is poised to make their mark on the global stage, aiming to excel despite the obstacles they face.

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