Rugby Africa conducts Level 1 coaching course in Dar es Salaam


From 5 to 6 June 2024, The International French School in Dar es Salaam hosted Level 1 Rugby Coaching Course, a significant event aimed at bolstering the skills and knowledge of rugby coaches in Tanzania. This event was conducted by Robert Bwali, the Rugby Africa game growth manager, a highly respected figure in the rugby community. This visit marked Bwali’s third trip to Tanzania, highlighting his continued commitment to developing rugby in the country.

The course saw an enthusiastic participation of 10 aspiring coaches from various regions of Tanzania. The diverse group brought together both experienced and novice coaches, all eager to enhance their understanding and coaching abilities.

The two-day course was divided into two segments: classroom sessions and practical training on the pitch. On the first day, participants gathered in a lecture hall at The International French School for intensive classroom sessions. These sessions covered fundamental coaching principles, techniques, and strategies essential for effective rugby coaching. Bwali’s engaging teaching style and extensive knowledge captivated the participants, providing them with invaluable insights into the sport.

On the second day, the focus shifted to practical training on the The International French School pitch. Here, participants put theory into practice, learning hands-on coaching techniques under Mr. Bwali’s guidance. They engaged in various drills and exercises designed to improve player skills, game strategies, and safety protocols. The practical sessions allowed participants to experience real-life coaching scenarios and receive direct feedback, significantly enhancing their practical coaching skills.

The primary aim of this training was to empower local rugby coaches with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and mentor rugby players effectively. By providing this foundational coaching education, Rugby Afrique and the Tanzania Rugby Union hope to elevate the standard of rugby coaching in the country. The long-term goal is to strengthen the overall quality of rugby in Tanzania, fostering a more competitive and professional environment for the sport.

The Level 1 Rugby Coaching Course at The International French School was a resounding success, leaving participants more confident and better equipped to contribute to the development of rugby in Tanzania. This initiative marks an important step in the ongoing efforts to promote and elevate the sport nationwide.

Bwali said: “I am thrilled to see the passion and dedication of the coaches here in Tanzania. This course is just the beginning, and I am confident that with continued effort, we will see significant growth and success in Tanzanian rugby,” said Mr. Robert Bwali, Rugby Afrique Game Growth Manager.

“We are deeply grateful to Mr Bwali and Rugby Afrique for their unwavering support,” Tanzania Rugby Union president Jacob Jonas. “This course has the potential to revolutionize rugby coaching in Tanzania and set new standards for the sport across Africa. Our vision is to see Tanzanian rugby grow, benefiting not just the participants, but the country and the continent as a whole. Together, we can achieve remarkable success.”

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