Kenya: Yala Old Boys rally behind The Black Saints as AS Sports Africa donates new jerseys


In a heartwarming gesture of support for grassroots rugby, Yala Old Boys (YOBA) recently donated brand new jerseys, crafted by AS Sports Africa, to the St Mary’s School Yala rugby team, affectionately known as ‘The Black Saints.’

Led by former Kenya Sevens and Kenya Simbas international Patrice Agunda, who is an alumnus of Yala, the initiative aims to enhance the sports experience for the young talents.

Patrice Agunda, also the CEO of AS Sports Africa, expressed his passion for supporting rugby at the school level. Agunda was flanked by former players Paul Oketch and Chris Ondijo.

He emphasized the importance of nurturing talent from a young age, stating, “It’s not just about the sport; it’s about instilling discipline, teamwork, and values that will benefit these young players in all aspects of life.”

Agunda further shared his vision for AS Sports Africa, highlighting the brand’s commitment to providing quality sports merchandise that inspires and empowers athletes at all levels.

St. Mary’s Yala principal, Victor Makanda, officially received the donation and expressed gratitude for YOBA’s generous gesture.

He highlighted the school’s dedication to excelling not only academically but also in sports.

Makanda emphasized the belief that talent pays in the contemporary world and acknowledged the positive impact such initiatives have on students’ holistic development.

“At Yala we teach the boys to excel both in academics and talent. Talent pays and we want to craft very bright students who can also use their talents like playing rugby to earn a living, change lives and make an impact as well as their education,” said Makanda.

Kenneth Mukok, the rugby coach at St Mary’s Yala, outlined the school’s ambitious targets for the upcoming 2024 Kenya Secondary School Sports Association (KSSSA) Term One games.

With aspirations to guide the school’s rugby 15s team to the nationals and East Africa, Mukok praised the support from YOBA and AS Sports Africa, recognizing the role of proper sporting equipment in motivating and uplifting the young athletes.

The collaborative efforts of YOBA, AS Sports Africa, and St Mary’s School Yala showcase a commitment to fostering sports development at the grassroots level, providing aspiring talents with the necessary tools and inspiration to succeed in their sporting endeavors.

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