South Africa Springbok women’s Dolf ready to shine on European rugby tour


The South Africa Springbok Women are embarking on a European tour with a hunger for improvement, led by the young and dynamic Byrhandrѐ Dolf, who is poised to make her mark on the international stage.

At just 19 years old, Dolf made her Test debut for the Springbok Women and has since become a crucial figure in the squad, displaying versatility in positions akin to rugby legend Frans Steyn. Hailing from Eastern Province, where she once captained the Junior Springbok Women, Dolf has now transitioned into a full-time professional with the Bulls Daisies, showcasing her talent by clinching the Women’s Premier Division title.

Following her instrumental role in the Springbok Women’s victory in the Rugby Africa Cup and her stellar performance in WXV 2 in Cape Town, Dolf’s journey took her to the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, where she competed in tournaments across Cape Town and Perth.

Now, as the team arrives in Edinburgh, Dolf is eager to translate her wealth of experiences into success on the European stage. With training matches against Scotland and Wales lined up, along with Test matches against Spain and the USA, the Springbok Women face a rigorous schedule. However, Dolf remains undeterred, emphasizing the team’s commitment to incremental improvement.

“We are chasing small improvements on this tour,” Dolf remarked upon their arrival in Scotland. “If we can improve by one percent every day on tour, we will return home next month a much better team.”

Despite the demanding schedule, Dolf’s energy levels remain high, fueled by her passion for the game and her desire to elevate her performance. Reflecting on her sevens experience, she acknowledged its physical demands but affirmed her focus on the team’s objectives for the tour.

“On a personal note, the objective on this tour is to be more decisive in my decision-making,” Dolf stated. “I want to fulfill the job the coaches are expecting of me and continue to grow as a player and a leader within the squad.”

As one of the younger players, Dolf is grateful for the guidance of the senior members, who have empowered her to assert herself on the field. With determination and ambition, she aims to contribute to the team’s success and make a lasting impact on the Springbok Women’s journey towards excellence.

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