Kenya Cup: Kabras Sugar, KCB, and Harlequin lead the charge as league breaks for Christmas


As the 2023-2024 Kenya Cup heads into the festive break, the excitement and competition have already set a high bar for rugby fans.

After three rounds of matches, certain teams have distinguished themselves as front runners, while others are finding themselves in a position where significant improvements are necessary before the league resumes on January 13, 2024.

Leading the charge at the top of the standings are Kabras Sugar, KCB Rugby, and Kenya Harlequin, each with a flawless record of three wins from three games, securing 15 points apiece.

Kabras Sugar not only tops the table due to their superior points difference but also demonstrates a formidable offensive prowess, racking up the highest number of total points in the league thus far.

Their stunning 78-0 victory over the Catholic Monks on Match Day 3 underlines their dominance.

KCB Rugby closely shadows Kabras Sugar with an equally impressive points difference, having put in a strong performance against the Catholic Monks as well, with a 79-19 victory on Match Day 2.

Kenya Harlequin also sits comfortably in third, with notable victories and a healthy points difference to their name.

On the opposite end, Catholic Monks, Homeboyz, and Kisumu are languishing at the bottom of the table. Each team has yet to register a win, and their negative points differences reflect the defensive challenges they face.

The Catholic Monks, in particular, are in dire straits, with the largest points difference deficit of -178, and will need to address their vulnerabilities during the break to avoid relegation.

The middle of the table presents a mixed bag with teams like Menengai Oilers and K.U Blak Blad showing potential but also room for improvement.

Menengai Oilers are positioned in the fourth place with a solid points difference, while K.U Blak Blad, despite a win, a draw, and a loss, has only a slight positive points difference, indicating close-fought matches.

As teams head into the break, the frontrunners will aim to maintain their momentum and stay injury-free, while the teams at the bottom will undoubtedly be focusing on intensive training sessions and strategic reviews to turn their fortunes around.

For the likes of Nakuru and Nondescripts, the break is a chance to regroup and refine their game plans, as they have shown glimmers of competitiveness.

Particularly for Nondescripts, who managed a win on Match Day 3 against Kisumu, there’s a foundation to build upon for the second half of the season.

As January 13 approaches, the anticipation will build. Can Kabras Sugar maintain their lead? Will KCB Rugby or Kenya Harlequin outpace them? And will the underperforming teams find the resolve to climb up the standings? These are the questions that will keep fans eagerly discussing and debating throughout the festive season. The Kenya Cup is poised for an enthralling continuation next year.

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